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               Taizhou Kechi Machinery Co., Ltd.Kechi, a professional ultra precision rolling tool manufacturer specializing in R&D and production, has the ability to customize various ultra precision rolling tools according to customer requirements. Adhering to the principle of innovation, the company has introduced advanced technology from Japan and uses imported materials to ensure the products are accurate and durable. The company also attaches great importance to after-sale service. Excellent product quality and after-sale service are recognized by all customers. Zhang Zhaohuo, the General Manager, has ever been awarded the title of Managing Director of No. 2 Taizhou Machine Tool & Tool Industry Association.

               The company originates from Wenling Jingchi Machine Factory and later changes to Taizhou Kechi Machinery Co., Ltd.

               Ultra precision rolling tool (i.e. rolling head or rolling cutter) manufactured by Kechi can achieve mirror effect with one-step processing. Compared with conventional grinding process, it not only improves hardness and efficiency but reduces labor costs. It can also be installed easily with wide applications. It is the best choice to improve conventional techniques.

               Kechi always pays attention on technical innovation and sustainable development. Main products include blind-hole rolling cutter, through-hole rolling cutter, excircle rolling cutter, plane rolling cutter, excircle pressure knife, rotary die cutting tools, etc.

               The company has a comprehensive sales system and perfect sales service network with products all over China and many other countries including Taiwan, South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Greece and the United States. With respect to marketing service mode, the company, based on the principle of “Value Guide & Win-win”, introduced advanced ideas of service commitments, quality control and customer care from leading industry and provides customer with complete product solution in time. Humanized and timely services are recognized by customers and brand value is therefore improved accordingly.

               The company has its own R&D team and after-sale service team. Focusing on the technical fields of mirror rolling, rotary cutting and boring rolling for more than ten years, the company has provided many perfect solutions for thousands of customers at home and abroad in the fields of automobile parts, aerospace, hydraulic industry, military, oil cylinder, ships, engineering machinery, medical treatment, agricultural machinery, air conditioning and motor lights.

               Kechi is situated in the coastal city, Wenling, with beautiful scenery. The city is easy to access as it is close to Luqiao airport, Haimen port, national highway 104 and Ningbo-Taizhou-Wenzhou highway passes through the city.

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